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Factors, affecting the length or duration of your automobile accident lawsuit

You may have got engaged in a car accident case for your negligence or for others’ fault. In this situation, you can like to know- For how much time does this car accident lawsuit last? All the vehicle accident cases are unique. Thus, Rand Spear Law Firm can give you the accurate information for this query.

The lawsuit may last for 6 months or 2 to 3 years or more than that. There are various factors, which affect the overall duration of the lawsuit.

Injury type in the accident case

You must know that there is just one chance for suing for the pain and losses. After accepting the verdict or settlement, everything related to the case is now over.

You may have found the settlement very early. However, your physical condition for the injury is getting worsened. In that case, you won’t sue for it again to gain more compensation.

Cooperation of the insurance agency

A vehicle accident lawsuit goes through various steps. Your Rand Spear Philadelphia auto accident attorney interacts with the insurance agency. If this agency has given him a timely response, then the case may move very fast. However, most of these insurance agencies are not much cooperative, and they take several weeks to do their task.

Is the legal trial essential for the case?

Most of the injury claims get settled without going for the trial. Now, if you are reliant on this trial process, you have to wait for the date, mentioned by the court. These trials usually cover several weeks. For some of the instances, the court of appeal may assess the proceedings. Thus, the case will take more time to get solved. Take the help of Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Rand Spear to reduce your pressure.

The case intricacies

The simplest lawsuits will surely be over within 6 months. However, the more intricate ones will cover more than 2 years. The collision can involve more than one case, and this is really a very complicated situation for you.

To find out the relevant factors, delaying the case, you have to hire a lawyer.

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