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How Medical Records Affect your Personal Injury Case

Claims for financial compensation for personal injuries depend on how the injury is documented. The party injured should get proof to show they have suffered real damages that can be compensated. To prove an injury, the victim needs more than just showing up in court in a wheelchair. Courts will require a proper documentation of the injury through a thorough medical record. Below are the important of having extensive medical records of your personal injury:

Prove that your Injury was Caused by an Accident

To pursue a claim against somebody for an injury sustained, you must get official medical records which match your story. For instance, if your bone is broken, you need to have records of medical X-rays and scans you went through which show your bone’s fracture. You will need medical records from doctors, therapists, hospitals, and specialists to prove that your injury is real.

 Determine How Much Compensation your Deserve

You will use your medical records to prove the existence, kind, cause and seriousness of your injury. Also, they help in determining a settlement that is appropriate to your situation. A personal injury lawyer can make use of your medical records to prove damages you can be qualified to get compensation for. Your medical records keep track of financial costs associated with your injury like the cost of hospital visits, surgeries, medications, ambulatory fees, and rehabilitation. They also provide a record of intangible costs like chronic pain.

Non-economic losses like emotional suffering, physical pain, mental issue and reduced quality of life is not easy. That is why you need to have documents to prove these losses. Your medical records can have a timeline of your prognosis, the pain you inflicted and your recovery time. Such information can be used by a judge in determining how much your injury has impacted you and how much it will continue to affect you in the future.

A lack of prompt and necessary medical attention can negatively affect your personal injury case. Without enough medical records to prove damages, the other party’s insurance company can argue that you fabricated your injury or your injury was not serious. Also, skipping your treatments because of financial concerns, transportation issues, or work-related problems can have negative impacts on your case. To determine the kind of medical treatment you need to get a fair settlement or verdict, it is important to consult with a personal injury attorney.

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