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Should I return to China if my H1B did not win lottery

As of April 20th, Japan, the Immigration Department has basically updated the SEVP/cash and checked/sent Receipt. For the first round of more than 90,000 applicants with a master’s degree or above, 20,000 Advanced Caps are available.  The probability of H1B pumping is less than a quarter. People who haven’t drawn H1B yet don’t have to worry too much. After all, there is still a chance to wait for the results of the second round of H1B draw. In the past years, it was not until July that the results were notified. Even if you can’t take it lightly, you’re likely to be h1b rfe, and then ask a professional immigration lawyer (Also known as移民律师).

This year’s H1B visa (Also known as H1B签证) draw is still very serious – despite the immigration level, the number of people participating in the H1B draw has not decreased significantly. The advantages of applicants with master’s degree or above h1b are getting smaller and smaller. The number of applicants with master’s degree or above this year is more than half of the total number of applicants. Most Chinese students who participate in the H1B lottery apply for H1B with a graduate degree.

First of all, of course, we still have to congratulate many friends who already have good news! ! ! (Yes, there are very few undergraduate friends who have good news too).

But if we don’t win the game after all, and OPT is almost over, what should we do? Don’t worry, there are always alternative.

Returning to China?

It’s always a choice that won’t be too bad or too wrong. The motherland is growing stronger and friendly to all disciplines. If you are a CS major, you will be treated very well and will not be worse than the United States. If you are not a CS major, a business or a liberal arts, you will have a good chance to return to China. Finding a better job than a company in the United States and a better position) and getting closer to home, cherishing the time with your family, it’s always been a long time after the tree is “the tree wants to be quiet and the wind is not enough, the child wants to raise and not to wait” Feeling.

Of course, the comfort and ease of life in the United States, the higher standard of living need not say more, without peer pressure and many intangible tangible constraints, is always one of the important reasons we do not want to go back.

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